Why you should consider vacation rentals on your next Colorado Mountain visit

Do you want to visit the mountains of Colorado for a great vacation getaway? Have you landed a great new job in the area and have to be onsite before you can move out of your old place?

Maybe you are traveling and want to have a home base for longer than a week or two. 

Or maybe you or a family member needs to travel for medical care, and you need a place that’s fully furnished.

What exactly are your options for finding a temporary home away from home?

vacation rentals in Colorado | Peak Property Management

Vacation rentals | homestay options

One of the obvious options is a hotel. But unless your stay is quite limited, a hotel can get very pricey, very fast. And in most hotels, you’ll have just one room and no place to cook, which means you’re eating out a lot. Which can get pricey and adds pounds to your derrière.

On the other hand with a vacation rental, you can get a private unit with usually one, two, or sometimes even three bedrooms, plus a kitchen and other amenities. In fact, we specialize in providing the “extras” so you have virtually everything you need in your unit to make your stay as pleasant and productive as possible.  One of the biggest attractions is the price, which can be less than half of what you would pay for a hotel for the same amount of time.

But before you get sucked into the world of possibilities, take a moment to understand how this type of temporary living works. Here we are talking fully furnished rentals that are set up for short-term stays.  Everything from one night, a weekend getaway, or even one month to six-month leases are possible.  

Vacation rentals in Colorado | Peak Property Management

Types of units

A vacation rental comes in all shapes and sizes, with options ranging from a free-standing home to an individual unit in a condo complex or apartment building. Know what you want to get the type of unit you are looking for.  Maybe you want a secluded cabin high up in the mountains or maybe you want a ski in ski out on your mountain of choice.  We can help you find exactly the size and type of unit you are looking for.  

Length of Stay

Our units are available for as long as you need them, even if it’s just for a single night.  If you are interested in stays over a month feel free to call us to get the best discount for long terms stays.  

Rental extensions

Our guests ask us all the time if they can extend their stay.  After all, extending your vacation is never a bad thing!  Give us a call and we can help.  

Vacation rentals in Colorado | Peak Property Management

What’s included

Enjoy endless outdoor recreation opportunities from any of our units using our home as your mountain base of activities.  Local wildlife is abundant so make sure you bring a camera. We are outdoor enthusiasts friendly. We have traveled all over the world, mainly to areas with spectacular natural environments, and have received great hospitality. We hope to provide travelers and vacationers with all of the things we value most in our accommodations when we travel. All of our units are furnished with all the items we use on a regular basis to support outdoor adventuring and great home cooking in order to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. 

Vacation rentals in Colorado | Peak Property Management

Local Information

Local activities include downhill skiing, cross country skiing, skinning, snowshoeing, climbing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, dog sledding, jeeping, sightseeing, hot springs, guided tours, ski lessons, big mountain ski guide, activities for kids, workout facilities, churches, etc.   We would be happy to help you plan your next adventure. You can view pictures of some of our vacation rentals right away. Contact us for booking and for more information.

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