Tips on How to Prepare for a Home Renovation 

Home renovations can be a time-consuming exercise. But it can also be quite exciting if you have a vision for your home that you can’t wait to see executed. Peak Property Management shares some handy tips to look out for in your next home renovation.

Home renovation

Check what permits you’ll need

It’s always a good idea to ensure you comply with municipal regulations when it comes to upgrading your home. As a general rule of thumb, if you are making any significant changes to the structure of your property, you will require a building permit. If you decide to hire a general contractor to help, they might also be able to advise what permits are required for what projects. 

Establish a timeline to have the work completed by

If you’re not on the ball about sticking to a timeline for your project, renovations can drag on longer than necessary. Working closely with your contractor might assist here as they are accustomed to accessing landscape designer software, for example, which helps them determine the scope and duration of the project, given the time, resources, and available budget. You will also most likely receive an invoice from said software for your own project when the job is completed.

Getting your home ready

If you plan on doing major upgrades to your home, prepping your property can go a long way in making the process go smoothly. Preparing your home beforehand will also ensure it’s a safe environment for your family and pets to continue on without feeling like there has been a significant disruption to their lives. Steps you might take here could include informing your neighbors of what’s about to take place if your home renovations are going to be a noisy affair and decluttering your home to make space for building materials, which will also allow the builders to move around freely. If the renovations are going to be extensive and lengthy, you may have to plan for you and your family to live elsewhere so that the project can progress at the desired rate.

Focus on areas that count

When thinking of projects that will benefit your home monetary-wise, you can’t go wrong by renovating your home office. Or better yet, you could make it so that your home office also functions as an extra bedroom and vice versa. Apart from doing the necessary practical renovations to ensure your home office/bedroom has adequate lighting and ventilation, you can also decorate the space cleverly to transform its look completely. For example, Shine Mirrors notes that mirrors always come in handy and give the illusion of a bigger, more open space. 

You can also use multipurpose furniture to make the space more functional. Additional storage cabinets that can also serve as a closet and, as Decor Hub explains, a stylish ottoman that can function as extra seating are the types of additions that can make the space come alive.

Renovating your bathroom and kitchen

If you want to add the most value to your home, upgrading your bathroom and kitchen is sure to do the trick. If done right and according to budget, you could easily recoup most of the expenses incurred here because your home’s value is sure to escalate as a result.

Seeing a home renovation project through to the finish line will entail some sacrifice on your behalf. But the rewards are sure to be evident aesthetically as well as in your pocket if you stay well within budget and your proposed timeline.

Image via Pexels